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Class ReconnectingBeepClientFactory

              BeepFactory --+
          Factory --+       |
                    |       |
        ClientFactory --+   |
                        |   |
ReconnectingClientFactory --+

An alternative BeepClientFactory that will attempt to reconnect to a server automatically.
Method Summary
    Inherited from BeepFactory
  addProfile(self, profileModule, init_callback)
    Inherited from ReconnectingClientFactory
  clientConnectionFailed(self, connector, reason)
Called when a connection has failed to connect.
  clientConnectionLost(self, connector, unused_reason)
Call me after a successful connection to reset.
  retry(self, connector)
Have this connector connect again, after a suitable delay.
I put a stop to any attempt to reconnect in progress.
    Inherited from ClientFactory
  startedConnecting(self, connector)
Called when a connection has been started.
    Inherited from Factory
  buildProtocol(self, addr)
Create an instance of a subclass of Protocol.
Make sure startFactory is called.
Make sure stopFactory is called.
This will be called before I begin listening on a Port or Connector.
This will be called before I stop listening on all Ports/Connectors.

Instance Variable Summary
    Inherited from ReconnectingClientFactory
float factor: a multiplicitive factor by which the delay grows
float initialDelay: Delay for the first reconnection attempt.
float jitter: percentage of randomness to introduce into the delay length to prevent stampeding.
int maxDelay: Maximum number of seconds between connection attempts.

Class Variable Summary
    Inherited from ReconnectingClientFactory
NoneType connector = None                                                                  
int continueTrying = 1                                                                     
float delay = 1.0                                                                   
NoneType maxRetries = None                                                                  
int retries = 0                                                                     
    Inherited from Factory
tuple __implements__ = (<class 'twisted.internet.interfaces.IP...
str noisy = 'sure, why not'
int numPorts = 0                                                                     
NoneType protocol = None                                                                  

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