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Class OTPDictionary

The OTPDictionary contains a list of 'words' used to encode bytestrings into a human readable form that's easy to memorise and respond to. This is mostly used for manual authentication by humans. It's easier to get this right than having to enter a string of hex digits.
Method Summary
  convertHashlongToWords(self, hashlong)
  convertWordsToHashlong(self, wordstring)
  getIndexFromHash(self, hashlong, i)

Class Variable Summary
list sixwords = ['A', 'ABE', 'ACE', 'ACT', 'AD', 'ADA', 'ADD'...

Class Variable Details


['A', 'ABE', 'ACE', 'ACT', 'AD', 'ADA', 'ADD', 'AGO', 'AID']           

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