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Module beepy.core.frame

BEEPy Framing classes and related code.

RFC3080 only really defines one kind of frame, but states that transport mappings may define other frames. I don't really grok this yet, so I've just created a template object for Frames in general and subclassed it to a DataFrame. This way, if other frames are used for some reason, they can also subclass from Frame. All the guts are in DataFrame, but that's what the RFC says.

Version: $Revision: 1.11 $

Author: Justin Warren

DataFrame A DataFrame is the basic unit of data used by BEEP to transport information around.
Frame A Frame is a basic abstraction defined by RFC3080.
SEQFrame SEQFrames are objects that represent the SEQ frames used in RFC3081 for the TCP mapping of BEEP.

DataFrameException An Exception class used for DataFrame specific exceptions.
FrameException The base exception used for all framing exceptions
SEQFrameException A FrameException relating specifically to SEQ Frames.

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