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Project Summary

BEEPy is an attempt to implement the Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol as a Python library. It makes use of the twisted framework to provide low-level socket communication over TCP.

For more information on BEEP, check out beepcore.org.

Project Status

BEEPy is currently transitioning from alpha stage to beta stage. The library has achieved a base level of functionality and can be used to build BEEP applications. It provides support for SASL/ANONYMOUS and SASL/OTP authentication as well as TLS for transport layer security.

Example code and accompanying documentation is provided. More examples and documentation are added as the API stabilises. For the latest distribution download version 0.6.

For the latest code, check out the CVS tree.


The following features have been implemented in BEEPy:

Developer Information

SourceForge repository: http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/beepy/

API Documentation, generated by epydoc is available online at http://beepy.sourceforge.net/api.

The developers also maintain a more informal website over at eigenmagic. SourceForge is used for the more structured side of the project with the rough and tumble weirdness left to http://beepy.eigenmagic.com/.

Mailing Lists

There are three mailing lists that you can join over at SourceForge. There used to be links to the lists themselves here, but thanks to the wonders of modern spam, we've had to remove them. All the lists are moderated purely to prevent spam from reaching list subscribers. If you'd like to get updates on the world of BEEPy, wander over to SourceForge and subscribe!